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Welcome to the NAPIRAhub RefNanoCLAYM Server


NAPIRAhub - Version NAPIRAhub-release-1.2.1

NAPIRAhub (NAPIRAhub-release-1.2.1, build of 2009-07-09T15:29:48Z)

NAPIRAhub Client Component

The server does not feature an interactive web-frontend.
In order to connect to the NAPIRAhub database, please install the client application locally via the links below:

    Download and Run NAPIRAhub Client (normal)

    Download and Run NAPIRAhub Client (with 1GB RAM)

This installation will use the Java Web Start technology which depends on an installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

If you do not have a JRE installed, please contact your system administrator.

For more information to Java Web Start, please refer to

Current server status: OK

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